Test Facebook Lead Ads for Mobile Integration with Marketo

After you create your Lead Ad, you should test it!

  1. In the Facebook Power Editor, select a campaign, an ad, and click Edit.

  2. Under Links, click the View on mobile app link.

  3. A new notification will be sent to the Facebook account that you can access on the mobile device with the authorized account. Click OK.

  4. On your mobile device, tap Notifications in the Facebook mobile app.

  5. In Notifications, tap Your ad is ready to preview.

  6. Submit your test Lead Ad unit by tapping your Call To Action and filling out the form you created.


    This is just an example, which uses a Learn More Call To Action. Your Lead Ad unit Call To Action might be different.

  7. This is where the magic happens! Once you have submitted your form, build a smart list in Marketo as part of a program or in the lead database that uses the Filled Out Facebook Lead Ads Form filter. Insert the Lead Ad Form Name of the form you just submitted.

  8. Now click the Leads tab to validate that the sync is working correctly.

Is that cool or what?

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