Create a Custom Audience in Facebook


Learn more about custom audiences in Facebook.

  1. Find and select the smart or static list that contains the leads you want to create the audience from.

  2. Select the Leads tab, then click on the Send Via Ad Bridge icon at the bottom.

  3. Select Facebook and click Next.

  4. Click the Audience drop-down and select + New Audience.

  5. Type in an Audience Name. Click Update.


    If you have multiple Facebook Ad Accounts, you will see an additional drop-down, allowing you to choose which Ad Account this audience is created in.


    Want to swap a new audience with an existing one that’s currently associated with an ad set or group? Select the Replace an existing audience check box. Doing this will not delete the audience being replaced.

  6. When done, the status dialog will update.

    And that’s it! In Facebook you’ll see the new audience in Ads Manager > Audiences.


    All lists that you push over to Facebook become static. Smart lists in Marketo will not auto-update the audience list in Facebook to reflect any changes made after the transfer.


    See the Facebook learning path for Marketo customers. It covers everything you need to know, from creating a Facebook page to targeting your Facebook ads using Marketo’s ad network integrations.

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