Event Workflows

After your webinar is completed, go to the Dashboard tab to see the aggregated performance.


If the webinar has not been completed or the data has not been received for any reason, the Dashboard tab will not yet be available.

Dashboard Widgets

The Dashboard consists of four widgets.

Event Program Status: Shows the various program statuses for that event and the number of members of the program that are currently holding that program status value.

Attendance: Highlights the attendance duration of various members who have attended the webinar in comparison to the overall webinar duration in terms of percentage.

Poll Performance: Displays various polls launched during the webinar in Adobe Connect and the distribution of the members who have attended and responded to the poll across each of the answers.

Click and File Download Activity: Provides the download count of file and weblinks clicked during the Webinar in Adobe Connect by various members who have attended the webinar and taken that specific action.

Triggers and Filters

Use Interactive Webinar-related triggers and filters to locate specific groups of people within your Event Program.

Each trigger/filter comes with additional constraints, allowing you to capture a focused subset of that group.

Asks questions during event (Filter version: Has asked questions during event)

Attends event (Filter version: Has attended event)

Clicks on a link (Filter version: Clicked on a link)

Downloads an asset (Filter version: Downloaded an asset)

Responds to a poll (Filter version: Responded to a poll)

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