Syncing Call and Call Key Messages

Call and Call Key Message Objects in Veeva CRM are synced by default into Marketo Engage. Marketo syncs data that’s up to 6 months old, based on Call Created Date.


Marketo retains call data up to six months from the date of the Call.

What are the triggers/filters related to Call and Call Key Message?


  • Added to Call
  • Removed from Call
  • Added to Call Key Message
  • Removed from Call Key Message
  • Updated Call
  • Updated Call Key Message


  • Has Call
  • Has Call Key Message

The follow fields on Call and Call Key messages are synced and can be used as constraints and triggers.

Object Field Label Description Field Name Data Type
Call Accountant Lookup to the account that the call is associated with. Account_vod__c Lookup (Account)
Call Call Type Type of call which is system maintained based on the type and contents of the call. This field is used for reporting purposes. Valid values are: Detail Only, Detail with Sample, Group Detail, Group Detail with Sample, Sample Only. These values should not be changed, but the translations for these picklists may be changed. Attendees have the same call type as the header call. For a Group call with 3 professionals, all 4 records have the call type of "Group Detail" Call_Type_vod__c Picklist
Call Contact Lookup to the contact (if any) that the call is associated with. Contact_vod__c Lookup(Contact)
Call Date The date of the call when it was first saved or submitted. This field is set via a trigger to the current date if neither the date or datetime field is supplied. Call_Date_vod__c Date
Call Is Parent Call? Formula Field to determine if the Call record is the Parent Call or an Attendee Call record. 1 indicates that the record is the Parent Call. 0 indicates that it is an Attendee Call. Is_Parent_Call_vod__c Formula (Number)
Call Status Status of the call -- Planned, Saved or Submitted. Use the translation workbench to change the display values. The triggers on call look at this field to see whether the call is locked (submitted). This value is set for the user when the Save or Submit button is pressed. Status_vod__c Picklist
Call Record Type   RecordTypeId Record Type
Call Key Message Call Lookup to the call. Each key message is associated with a call. Call2_vod__c Master-Detail(Call)
Call Key Message Category Records the message category of the message. Used primarily for reporting. Category_vod__c Picklist
Call Key Message CLM Presentation Name Stamped CLM Presentation name Clm_Presentation_Name_vod__c Text (80)
Call Key Message Key Message Name Stamped Key Message name Key_Message_Name_vod__c Text (80)
Call Key Message Product Name   Product_Name__c Formula (Text)
Call Key Message Reaction Picklist of reaction to the message. Edit the picklist to change the reaction values. Reaction_vod__c Picklist

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