Default Veeva Field Mapping

When you initially sync your Marketo Engage account with Veeva, Marketo automatically makes these associations between your built-in Veeva and Marketo fields. Marketo will also sync your custom fields on your Accounts and Contacts.

Contact Fields

SFDC field Marketo field
Birthdate Date of Birth
Created Date SFDC Created Date
Contact Description Person Notes
Email Email Address
Business Fax Fax Number
First Name First Name
Email Opt Out Unsubscribed
Deleted SFDC Is Deleted
Last Name Last Name
Lead Source Source
Lead Score Score
MailingCity City
MailingCountry Country
MailingPostalCode Postal Code
MailingState State
MailingStreet Address
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone Number
Business Phone Phone Number
Salutation Salutation
Title Job Title

Account Fields

SFDC field Marketo field
Annual Revenue Annual Revenue
Billing City Billing City
Billing Country Billing Country
Billing Zip/Postal Code Billing Postal Code
Billing State/Province Billing State
Billing Street Billing Address
Account Description Company Notes
Industry Industry
Deleted SFDC Is Deleted
Account Name Company Name
Employees Num Employees
Account Phone Main Phone
SIC Code SIC Code
Account Site Site
Account Type SFDC Type
Website Website

These fields are created in Marketo but can’t be adjusted by customers.

Field Description
Veeva Id The 18-character Salesforce Id
Veeva Type Contact. If empty, the lead exists only as a person in Marketo
Veeva Created Date Date created in SFDC (can be different from Created in Marketo)
Veeva is Deleted Person used to be in SFDC but was deleted and now lives only in Marketo

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