Step 1 of 3: Add Marketo Fields to Veeva CRM

Last update: 2023-11-20

Your Veeva CRM instance must have access to Salesforce APIs to sync data between Marketo Engage and Veeva CRM.

Marketo Engage uses a set of fields to capture certain kinds of marketing related information. If you would like this data in Veeva CRM, please follow the instructions below.

1. Create a custom field in Veeva CRM on the contact objects: Score

2. You can create additional fields, if desired (see the table below).

All of these custom fields are optional and are not required to sync Marketo Engage and Veeva CRM.

Add Marketo Fields to Veeva CRM

Add a custom field on the lead and contact objects in Veeva CRM listed above. If you want to add more, see the table of available fields at the end of this section.

Perform the following steps for the Score field to add it.

  1. Log in to the Veeva CRM and click Setup.

  2. Click Objects and Fields and select Object Manager.

  3. In the search bar, search for “Contact.”

  4. Click the Contact object.

  5. Select Fields and Relationships.

  6. Click New.

  7. Choose the appropriate field type (for Score - number).

  8. Click Next.

  9. Enter the Field Label, Length, and Field Name for the field, as shown in the table below.

Field Label Field Name Data Type Field Attributes
Score mkto71_Lead_Score Number Length 10
Decimal Places 0

Veeva CRM appends __c to Field Names when it uses them to create API Names.


Text and number fields require a length, but Date/Time fields don’t. A description is optional.

  1. Click Next.

  2. Specify the access settings and click Next.

  3. Set all roles to Visible and Read-Only.

  4. Clear the Read-Only checkbox for the profile of your sync user:

  • If you have a user with the profile of a System Administrator as the sync user, clear the Read-Only checkbox for the System Administrator profile (as shown below).

  • If you created a custom profile for the sync user, clear the Read-Only checkbox for that custom profile.

  1. Choose the page layouts that should display the field.

  2. Click Save & New to go back and create each of the other two custom fields.

  3. Click Save when you’re done with all three.


Through adding the field to Contact object, they are added to Person Account object as well.

OPTIONAL: Use the above procedure for any additional custom fields from the table below.

Field Label Field Name Data Type Field Attributes
Inferred City mkto71_Inferred_City Text Length 255
Inferred Company mkto71_Inferred_Company Text Length 255
Inferred Country mkto71_Inferred_Country Text Length 255
Inferred Metropolitan Area mkto71_Inferred_Metropolitan_Area Text Length 255
Inferred Phone Area Code mkto71_Inferred_Phone_Area_Code Text Length 255
Inferred Postal Code mkto71_Inferred_Postal_Code Text Length 255
Inferred State Region mkto71_Inferred_State_Region Text Length 255

Values in the fields automatically assigned by Marketo will not immediately be available in Veeva CRM when the new field has been created. Marketo will sync the data to Veeva CRM upon the next update to the record on either system (i.e., an update to any of the fields in sync between Marketo and Veeva CRM).

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