SFDC Sync: Field Sync

Last update: 2023-11-20

Marketo Engage syncs field information from Salesforce. Here are the details.

Which fields are synced?

We sync most standard fields in SFDC and any custom field that the sync user has permission to see.

How do you determine if a record in Marketo is a lead or a contact in Salesforce?

We have a field in Marketo called SFDC Type. It has three possible values: lead, contact, or it’s empty. If it’s empty, it means that this Marketo lead does not exist in SFDC.

How do you determine if a lead or contact is deleted in SFDC?

We have a field in Marketo called SFDC isDeleted. If the value is true, then the lead was deleted in SFDC.

How do I make sure a new field I add in SFDC also gets added to Marketo?


If you want a field in both systems, create it in SFDC first and it will automatically sync down to Marketo.

If you add a new field in SFDC and the sync user has permission to see it, it will automatically get added to Marketo.

What if I change a field label in SFDC?

Changing the field label in SFDC does not affect the field label in Marketo.

What if I change a field type in SFDC?

When you change a field type, Marketo deletes the data in the fields if they don’t match (but first displays a warning). To preserve the data, be sure to export it and re-import it after you change the field type.

What if I change an API name in SFDC?

If you change the API name of a field in SFDC a new field is created in Marketo.

What happens if I add a new picklist value in SFDC?

If a new picklist value is added in SFDC to a field, Marketo will send you a notification.

What about Custom SFDC Lookup Fields?

Lookup fields in SFDC sync the ID but not the referenced name.

What about SFDC Formula Fields?

Formula fields are synced, however, updates to the references in the formula are not synced until there is an update to a System Mod Stamp.

What happens when I delete a field from Salesforce that was previously syncing with Marketo?

If you delete a field in SFDC it doesn’t automatically delete the field in Marketo, it just stops syncing.

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