Plug-In Releases for Microsoft Dynamics MSI

Last update: 2023-11-10

When you first sync to Microsoft Dynamics, you download and install the latest version of the plug-ins for Marketo Sales Insight (MSI). Periodically, Marketo Engage updates these plug-ins, so you can return to the same place to download the new version.

If you’re using the Marketo native CRM sync solution to Dynamics, please download the latest plug-in corresponding to your Dynamics release. For those who have a custom sync and have purchased Marketo Sales Insight, the package is here.


These versions work for both on-premise and online versions of Dynamics.

Upgrading your MSI Solution

  1. Import the latest version of the solution over the existing version of your Dynamics CRM by pressing the Import button in Dynamics.


Example: if your Dynamics CRM has version and the latest version is, you would import over version

  1. Click Next.

  2. Select Stage for Upgrade and Maintain customizations, then click Import.

  3. Click Next.

  4. After a successful import you’ll see two MSI solutions: MarketoSalesInsight and MarketoSalesInsight_Upgrade. Select the older solution and click Apply Solution Upgrade.

And that’s it! After the upgrade you will only see one MSI Solution.

Version Updates

Release Date Version Notes
02/03/22 Account Layout for Insights: Interesting Moments, Score changes, Web activities, Email activities
01/05/22 Program Adoption Score for Send Email
10/28/21 Product Adoption Score Metrics, new Global Dashboard (Web Activity, Email, Best Bets)
02/10/21 Remove Auto audit enabled and documentation changes on MSI solution
10/01/20 Bug Fix: Assigning access to MSI API config fields for users with Sales Insight role
07/20/20 Bug fix: Add a validation message for non-synced records
06/12/20 Bug fix: To hide MSI Secret Password on MSD API Config
05/26/20 Bug fix: To change MSI role ID validation for displaying MSI buttons
05/21/20 Bug fix: Unhide owner field and making fields non-mandatory
04/28/20 Bug fix: Removing MSD CRM sitemap setting link dependency

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