Reference a List or Smart List Across Workspaces

Lists and smart lists can be shared and referenced across workspaces for easy reuse from the Database.


Person partition rules apply (smart lists and static lists in a workspace only show people who are both members of the list and members of the current workspace).

Share a List or Smart List

  1. Go to the Database.

  2. Right-click a campaign folder. Select New Folder.


    Assets can only be shared across workspaces if they are nested in a folder.

  3. Drag and drop a list or smart list you want to share into the new folder.

  4. Right-click New Folder and select Share Folder.

  5. Choose a Workspace to share with. Select Save.

    Awesome! This list will now be available in both workspaces.


    In Marketing Activities, you can only share top-level folders. In Database, you can share top-level folders as well as one level down.

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