Delete People in a Smart List or List

Last update: 2023-10-25

You can quickly and easily delete some/all people that are in a list or a Smart List.

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select the list/Smart List that contains all people you want to delete and go to the People tab.


    When you delete a person, you are not just removing them from the list - they will be completely removed from the database.

  3. Click Select All. You can also hand pick a few records by using Ctrl/Cmd and clicking.


    If the results span over multiple pages, clicking Select All will select all people across all pages.

  4. To completely remove the people from Marketo, click Delete Person.

  5. Set Remove from CRM to true if you want to delete the records from your CRM as well.


    Deleting from Marketo and your CRM means you will never be able to recover in either system. The people and their histories will be gone forever. If you add them back later, they will be treated as brand new records.


    If your Marketo is not tied to your CRM the option is grayed out like in the screenshot.

  6. Click Run Now.

  7. If you are deleting more than 50 people you will see this. Type the number of people you’re deleting, check the Cannot Undo box, then click Delete.


    To view the results of the mass deletion, click View Results in the Single Flow Action pop-up box in the upper-right corner of the screen. Deletion times can vary greatly, depending on multiple factors.

    This is a great feature, just be careful when using it!

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