Priority Override for Trigger Campaigns

Last update: 2023-10-24

Admins can override the Marketo Engage determined priority for Trigger Campaigns to set priorities that better align with business objectives.


This feature is only available for Trigger Campaigns and to users who have been granted the “Edit Trigger Campaign Priority” permission.


It is strongly advised that you use this feature on a limited set of business critical campaigns (25 is the recommended maximum). Using the feature loosely on a large set can adversely affect overall campaign execution.

Grant Priority Override Access


Only Admins or users with admin responsibilities should have campaign priority override access.

  1. In the Admin area, click Users & Roles.

  2. Click the Roles tab, select the user you want to grant access to, then click Edit Role.

  3. Under Access Marketing Activities, select Edit Trigger Campaign Priority. Click Save.

Override Priority

  1. Locate your Trigger Campaign. Right-click on it and select Override Campaign Priority.

  2. Click the Override Campaign Priority slider to enable. Choose a new priority level and click Confirm.

    The new priority level will show in the Schedule tab.

  • You can view your campaign’s default priority in the Campaign Queue under Marketing Activities. To boost execution rate, we recommend setting your campaign priority to one level higher than its default.
  • User set priority applies only to new people who qualify for the campaign; people who are already in-queue will not be affected.
  • Priority overrides are captured in Audit Trail.

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