Edit Qualification Rules in a Smart Campaign

Qualification rules control how many times someone can run through the flow in a smart campaign. By default, even if someone triggers a smart campaign multiple times, they will only be sent through the flow once. Here’s how to modify these settings.

  1. In your smart campaign, click the Schedule tab and then Edit Settings.


    You can also click Edit to the right of “Smart Campaign Settings.”

  2. Choose how often to run your people through the smart campaign flow: only once, every time, or once every # days/weeks/months.


    When you set a rule for once every day, Marketo converts that to hours. For example, if you set the rule for once per day, and a person qualifies at 10pm on a Sunday night, it can’t qualify again until 10pm Monday night. This logic also applies when using weeks or months. A month is always counted as 30 days.


    Communication limits are not applied to smart campaigns by default. Learn how to apply communication limits to a smart campaign.

Mission accomplished! You now know how to control qualification rules in a smart campaign.

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