Last update: 2023-09-29

This is an example of an advanced (tokenized) Operational Program, utilizing a Marketo Engage Default Program for demographic scoring. View and edit the scoring values under the program’s “My Tokens” tab. Requires custom score field called “Demographic Score.”

For further strategy assistance or help customizing a program, please contact the Adobe Account Team or visit the Adobe Professional Services page.

Channel Summary

Channel Membership Status Analytics Behavior Program Type
Operational 01 - Member Operational Default

Prerequisite Fields

Type Friendly Name API Name
Score Demographic Score DemographicScore

Program Contains the Following Assets

Type Template Name Asset Name
Smart Campaign   Generic Email Domain
Smart Campaign   Invalid First Name
Smart Campaign   Invalid First Name Updated
Smart Campaign   Invalid Last Name
Smart Campaign   Invalid Last Name Updated
Smart Campaign   Annual Revenue
Smart Campaign   Industry
Smart Campaign   Job Title
Smart Campaign   Number of Employees
Smart Campaign   Source
Folder   Generic Email Domain
Folder   Invalid First Name
Folder   Invalid Last Name

My Tokens Included

Token Type Token Name Value
Score {{my.Annual Revenue - High}} +15
Score {{my.Annual Revenue - Low}} +5
Score {{my.Annual Revenue - Mid}} +10
Score {{my.Generic Email Domain}} -2
Score {{my.Industry - High}} +10
Score {{my.Industry - Low}} +6
Score {{my.Industry - Mid}} +8
Score {{my.Invalid First Name}} -5
Score {{my.Invalid First Name Updated}} +5
Score {{my.Invalid Last Name}} -5
Score {{my.Invalid Last Name Updated}} +5
Score {{my.Job Title - High}} +15
Score {{my.Job Title - Low}} +5
Score {{my.Job Title - Mid}} +10
Score {{my.Lead Source - High}} +20
Score {{my.Lead Source - Low}} +8
Score {{my.Lead Source - Mid}} +10
Score {{my.Number of Employees}} +5

Conflict Rules

  • Program Tags

    • Create tags in this subscription - Recommended
    • Ignore
  • Landing Page template with the same name

    • Copy original template - Recommended
    • Use destination template
  • Images with the same name

    • Keep both files - Recommended
    • Replace item in this subscription
  • Email templates with the same name

    • Keep both templates - Recommended
    • Replace existing template

Best Practices

  • Each campaign built is meant to be an example of the best practice build and not specific to your use cases. Remember to update the Smart Campaigns to address your specific pain points and data challenges.

  • Consider updating the naming convention of this program example to align with your naming convention.

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