Create, Delete, Edit and Change a User Role

Roles group together a bunch of permissions. Permissions allow you to do stuff in Marketo. You assign a role to a user. Easy as pie.


Admin Permissions Required


The following roles are system roles and cannot be edited or deleted:

  • Admin
  • Adobe Product Admin
  • Standard User
  • RTP Editor
  • RTP Launcher

Create a Role

  1. Go to Admin and click Users & Roles.

  2. Go to the Roles tab and click New Role.

  3. Name your new role, check all the permissions you want to grant to users associated with the role, and click Create.

Delete a Role

  1. Under Admin, click Users & Roles.

  2. Under the Roles tab, select a role and click Delete Role.

  3. Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete.


You must first ensure that no users are assigned to a role, otherwise it cannot be deleted.

Edit an Existing Role


To edit your own user role, you’ll have to log in as another user with Admin rights.

  1. Go to Admin and click Users & Roles.

  2. Click the Roles tab.

  3. Select the role you want to edit and click Edit Role.

  4. Make all the changes you need and click Save.


    The changes made to the role will affect every user associated to this role.


    Are you looking to update the account email address? Learn how here.

Change a User’s Role

  1. Go to Admin and click Users & Roles.

  2. Select the user you want to assign a different role to and click Edit User.

  3. Uncheck the previous role, select the new one, then click Save.


If you leave multiple roles selected, Marketo will default to the most restrictive permission.

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