Send an Email

It’s the first thing everyone wants to do. Let’s send an email out of Marketo!

Create an Email Program

  1. Go to the Marketing Activities area.

  2. Select your Learning folder. Click the New drop-down and select New Program.

  3. Enter a Name and select Email for Program Type.


    Add your initials at the end of the program name to make it unique.

  4. Under Channel, select Email Send and click Create.

Define your Audience

  1. Click Edit Smart List under the Audience tile.

  2. Find and drag the Email Address filter into the canvas.


    Use Search at the top of the Filters list to find the filter more easily.

  3. Find and select your email address.


    If your email doesn’t auto-populate, you may have forgotten to Get Set Up and Add a Lead.


    In this example we’re having you send the email to only yourself, but you can customize the audience as you see fit.

  4. Go back to the main program tab and click the refresh icon for Person.

    You should see the person count go up to 1. That’s you!

Create an Email

  1. Under the Email tile click New Email.

  2. Enter a Name, select a Template, and click Create.

  3. The email editor window will open. Enter a subject that’s 50 characters or less (recommended).


    If you have a pop-up blocker, click Edit Draft to enter the email editor.

  4. Select the area you want to edit, click the gear icon on the right, then select Edit (you can also double-click the editable section to edit).

  5. Enter the content you want and click Save.

  6. The changes will auto-save. Close the editor tab/window.

  7. Click the Email Actions drop-down and select Approve.


    Want to send yourself a quick sample to see how your email looks prior to launching? Select Send Sample in the menu above, or click Email Actions then Send Sample.

  8. Select the Email Program in the left tree.

  9. Under the Schedule tile, set the launch day for the email to Today.

  10. Select a time that’s at least 15 minutes in the future.


    Is the default time zone not yours? Learn how to update it here.

  11. Click Approve Program under the Approval tile and you’re done!

You should receive the email shortly after the scheduled day/time.

Mission Complete!


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