SFTP Hosts

If you do not want to have Adobe manage your hosted libraries, your other option is to have Adobe Experience Platform Launch deliver builds to a secured SFTP server that you host.

Platform Launch connects to your SFTP site using an encrypted key. There are a few steps to set this up correctly:

  1. You must have a public/private key pair installed on your SFTP server. You can generate these keys on your server or generate them somewhere else and install them to your server. See herefor an example of how to generate keys.
  2. You must encrypt the private key with Platform Launch’s public GPG key so that you can provide your private key to Platform Launch during the SFTP host creation process. See Encrypting Values in the Platform Launch developer documentation for instructions and Platform Launch’s public GPG keys. Unless you know you need a different one, use the Production Environment’s GPG key. Finally, you can encrypt your private key from any machine, so you do not need to install GPG on your server to complete this step.
  3. You might need to approve the Platform Launch IP addresses with your company firewall to allow Platform Launch to be able to reach your SFTP server and connect to it. Those IP Addresses are:

The structure of Platform Launch builds has changed over time. They use symbolic links (symlinks) internally to maintain backward compatibility so that previous embed codes will continue to work with the latest build structure. Your SFTP server must support the usage of symlinks in order to serve as a valid destination for Platform Launch builds.

There is a full guide on how to setup SFTP servers for Platform Launch delivery on the Platform Launch blog.

Create an SFTP host

  1. Open the Hosts tab.

  2. Create the new Host.

  3. Name your host.

  4. Select SFTP as the host type.

  5. Enter the host, path, port, username, and encrypted private key.

    The port must be one of the following:

    • 21
    • 22
    • 80
    • 200-299
    • 443
    • 2000-2999
    • 4343
    • 8080
    • 8888

    As a security best practice, Adobe limits the number of ports that can be used for outgoing traffic. The selected ports are commonly allowed through corporate firewalls, plus they include some ranges for flexibility.

  6. Select Save.

When you select Save, Platform Launch tests whether it is able to connect and deliver files to your SFTP server. It creates a folder, writes a file within that folder, checks to make sure the file is there, then cleans up after itself. If the user account on your SFTP server (the one attached to the secure certificate you provided to Platform Launch) does not have the necessary permissions to perform this action, then the Host goes into a “Failed” status.

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