About Adobe Experience Platform segments

If you’re using the Adobe Experience Platform Segmentation Service to create your segments, you can leverage them in Journey Orchestration. Thanks to a dedicated event activity, you can make individuals enter or move forward in a journey based on Adobe Experience Platform segment entrances and exits. This also allows you to build complex conditions in your journeys using the simple or advanced expression editor.

Let’s say you have a “silver customer” segment. With this activity, you can make all new silver customers enter a journey and send them a series of personalized messages. You can alsdo easily build conditions based on this segment.

Here are the possibilities Journey Orchestration offer you with segments:

  • Access the list of Adobe Experience Platform segments. See Creating a segment.
  • Create segments directly in Journey Orchestration the same way you create them using the Segmentation Service. See Creating a segment.
  • Leverage segments in your journey’s conditions using the simple or advanced expression editor. See Using segments in conditions.
  • Add a Segment qualification event to your journey in order to listen to the entrances and exits of profiles in Adobe Experience Platform segments. See Events activities.

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