Get started with Live Report

Use the Live report to measure and visualize in real-time the impact and performances of your journeys and your messages in a built-in dashboard.
Data are available in the Live report as soon as your delivery is sent or your journey is executed.

  • If you want to target a journey or deliveries in the context of a journey, from the Journeys menu, access your journey and click the Live report icon. You can then find the Journey, Email and Push live reports.

  • If you want to target a specific delivery, from the Live view of the Executions tab of your messages, select Live Report from the advanced menu of your selected delivery.

Customize dashboard

Each reporting dashboard can be modified by resizing or removing widgets. Changing the widgets only impacts the current user’s dashboard. Other users will see their own dashboards or the ones set by default.

  1. From your live report, click Modify.

  2. Adjust the widgets size by dragging its bottom-right corner.

  3. Click Remove to remove other widgets that you don’t need to track bounces.

  4. Once you are satisfied with the display order and the size of your widgets, click Save.

Your dashboard is now saved. Your different changes will be reapplied for a later use of your live reports. If needed, use the Reset option to restore the default widgets and widgets’ order.

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