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A function can have different signatures (a different set of ordered parameters). A function signature can have 0-N expressions as ordered parameters.

<function name>(<expression as param 1>, <expression as param 2>, … ,<expression as param N>)

Each function has a specific returned type.

Here is the list of supported functions.

Main functions

Category Function
Adobe Experience Platform inAudience
Aggregation avg
Aggregation count
Aggregation countOnlyNull
Aggregation countWithNull
Aggregation distinctCount
Aggregation distinctCountWithNull
Aggregation max
Aggregation min
Aggregation sum
Conversion toBool
Conversion toDateOnly
Conversion toDateTime
Conversion toDateTimeOnly
Conversion toDecimal
Conversion toDuration
Conversion toInteger
Conversion toString
Date currentTimeInMillis
Date inLastDays
Date inLastHours
Date inLastMonths
Date inLastYears
Date inNextDays
Date inNextHours
Date inNextMonths
Date inNextYears
Date now
Date nowWithDelta
Date setHours
Date setDays
Date updateTimeZone
List distinct
List distinctWithNull
List filter
List getListItem
List in
List intersect
List limit
List listSize
List serializeList
List sort
Math random
Math round
String concat
String contain
String containIgnoreCase
String endWith
String endWithIgnoreCase
String equalIgnoreCase
String indexOf
String isEmpty
String isNotEmpty
String lastIndexOf
String length
String lower
String matchRegExp
String notEqualIgnoreCase
String replace
String replaceAll
String split
String startWith
String startWithIgnoreCase
String substr
String trim
String upper
String uuid

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