Create decision rules

You can create offer decision rules based on data available in Adobe Experience Platform. Decision rules determine to whom an offer can be shown.

For example, you can specify that you only want a ‘Women’s Winter Clothing Offer’ to be shown when (Gender = ‘Female’) and (Region = ‘Northeast’).

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The list of created decision rules is accessible in the Components menu.

To create a decision rule, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Rules tab, then click Create rule.

  2. Name your rule and provide a description, then configure the rule according to your needs.

    To do this, the Segment Builder is available to help you build the rule’s conditions. Learn more

    In this example, the rule will target customers that have the “Gold” loyalty level.


    The Segment Builder provided to create decision rules presents some specificities compared to the one used with the Audience Destinations service. For example, the Segments tab is not available for use. However, the global process described in the Segment Builder documentation is still valid to build offers decisions rules.

  3. Click Save to confirm.

  4. Once the rule is created, it displays in the rules list. You can select it to display its properties and edit or delete it.


Event-based offers are currently not supported in Journey Optimizer. If you create a decision rule based on an event, you will not be able to leverage it in an offer.

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