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Last update: 2023-10-27
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You can leverage your Litmus account into Journey Optimizer to instantly preview your email rendering in popular email clients. You can then ensure your email content looks great and works properly in every inbox.

To check email rendering, follow these steps:

  1. From the edit content screen of your message or in the Email Designer, click the Simulate content button.

  2. Select the Render email button.

  3. Click Connect your Litmus account on the upper right section.

  4. Enter your credentials and sign in.

  5. Click the Run test button to generate email previews.

  6. Check your email content in popular desktop, mobile and web-based clients.


When connecting your Litmus account with Journey Optimizer, you agree that test messages are sent to Litmus: once sent, these emails are no longer managed by Adobe. As a consequence, Litmus data retention email policy applies to these emails, including personalization data that may be included in these test messages.

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