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Last update: 2023-07-13
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Leverage Real-time Customer Profile in Adobe Journey Optimizer to see a holistic view of each individual customer by combining data from multiple channels, including online, offline, CRM, and third party. Profiles allows you to consolidate your customer data into a unified view offering an actionable, timestamped account of every customer interaction.


If your organization is new to Adobe Journey Optimizer and does not yet have active Profile datasets or merge policies created, the Profiles dashboard is not visible. Instead, the Overview tab displays links to Adobe Experience Platform documentation to help you get started with Real-time Customer Profile.

To learn how to access and work with the Profile dashboard and detailed information regarding the metrics displayed in the dashboard, refer to this section.

You can bring data fragments together from multiple sources and combine them in order to see a complete view of each of your individual customers. When bringing this data together, merge policies are the rules used to determine how data will be prioritized and what data will be combined to create the unified view.

Learn more about Merge policies in this documentation.

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