Inbound keyword support for SMS

Understand how native inbound keyword support (start, stop,unstop) for SMS works.


Please note that inbound keywords are supported for both Sinch and Twilio.


Hi everyone. Today I would like to demo that AJO SMS supports native inbound keywords. Today we only support native opt-in and opt-out keywords. So that three keywords that we support: start, stop and unstop. And what it means that using such keywords, customers can control their interaction. So now without taking much time, let me jump to my journey, which I’ll be using for today’s demo. And so this is my journey with an incoming event and an SMS being delivered. Let me enable the test mode, and for this, let me also bring in my simulator upfront. Not I’ll be triggering an event for my profile.

And as you can see, as I trigger the event, the message has been received on my phone.

So this is the message that has been received. Welcome to Adobe.

We are excited to have you onboard! Make it personal with Adobe, and then Txt: Stop to stop. So in order to stop, one has to type in stop. Let me type stop here. As I’m typing stop, it will generate another auto-generated message from network that any further communication from this network is now blocked for your number. So in order to test this out, let trigger another event on my mobile phone. And since this phone has already been texted stop, so there will not be any new messages going out on this phone number. So let me send another event.

Event was sent successfully. So as you can see, this condition in my journey is just to check what is the consent value from this particular number. And after I replied stop, we made a check and behind the scenes, we updated an experience event in the profile or opt out. So you check, and since the value is opt out, we haven’t delivered the new message to this number. And even if we deliver it, it will be excluded.

So now for unblocking it, let me type unstop from this device.

So this is another keyword that we support today. And as you can see, as I type unstop, this is a regenerated new network message that since you have replied unstop, you will start receiving the messages again from this number. In order to test this, let me again enable the test mode and trigger a new event.

And event was sent successfully.

So you can see the new message has again been delivered.

So this was just the demo to show the power of the incoming keyword stop and unstop. We also support start, so the three keywords that we support today are start, stop and unstop. In a real-time, we are updating the profiles to control the reactions accordingly. Thank you. -

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