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Last update: 2023-09-22
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Understand which mobile capabilities Adobe Journey Optimizer offers marketers.


Digital technology has penetrated nearly every aspect of life for today’s consumers. So engaging your customers, fans, or guests on mobile channels is key to providing a painless experience. With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can personalize mobile messages on an individual level, thanks to a unified profile that fuses data from any source and is continuously updated with real time events. And because Journey Optimizer can actively listen for events such as a person entering a store, marketers can use location aware triggers to ensure that customers receive mobile messages that are contextually relevant.

Whether you’re composing push notifications, in app messages, SMS text messages, or even email, you can do it all from a single application. The intuitive drag and drop interface and out of the box templates make it easy to do, without having to lean on developers to craft the message. Creating personalized push notifications is a great way to drive engagement with your app and you can even customize the desired action you want customers to take.

And if you want to include rich media, Journey Optimizer includes a centralized asset library so your content stays consistent and on brand. Journey Optimizer can personalize in-app messages based on profile attributes, app usage history and device location, to help you go from a one size fits all app experience to a rich, context aware experience. You can also author SMS text messages natively in Journey Optimizer, and connect to an SMS aggregator, such as Sinch, to seamlessly deliver personalized text messages as part of the customer journey. With Journey Optimizer, you’re not just sending generic mobile messages. The Journey canvas lets you easily visualize the customer journey so that each mobile interaction is tailored to the individual and included as part of the broader customer life cycle. Whether you’re connecting with fans at a live event, engaging with shoppers in your store or building relationships with loyalty members, Adobe Journey Optimizer facilitates contextual mobile engagement at every stage of the customer journey. -

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