Delegate CName subdomains

Last update: 2023-09-22
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Learn how to create a subdomain using CNAME to point to Adobe-specific records.


Hello, everyone. Today I’ll be taking you through how you can set up a subdomain using the CNAME setup and proceed with further message executions in Azure. As a starting step we navigate to the channel section and click on the subdomains under the email configuration section.

Once we click the setup subdomain button, the user can proceed in two ways. One is by selecting fully delegated setup method. This is where Adobe will have complete responsibility on the DNS settings that will be needed for setting up the subdomain. The second option is a CNAME setup one where the user or the customer will have a shared responsibility in maintaining the DNS settings for this particular subdomain.

As a next step, I enter the subdomain that I wish to configure here.

As soon as a subdomain is entered, we have a validation in place to check for the subdomain format and DNS records are generated based on the subdomain that is entered. Once the user reaches this step, the user can download the records using the download CSV button option and need to ensure that these records are created at the DNS hosting solution of the customer.

Once a customer goes to DNS solution and creates this record, the user can come and click on the icon phone button. And this is where Adobe performs a validation check behind and generates a second record. The second record is basically the validation record that the user needs to create again on the DNS side for the SSL certification for the seeding URL validation.

In the same manner the user can click the download CSV button here and get this record created on the DNS side.

Once this record is also created by the user on the hosting solution, the user basically clicks on the confirmation checkbox and proceeds by clicking as submit.

So once the user clicks a subdomain we get the alert message telling this could take 7 to 10 business days and we will be notified once the processing status completed. So as you see here, the subdomain that I try to delegate is here in the processing status. And once the audit process that is run behind by the Adobe team is completed we will see this status moving into success or a failed state. -

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