Experience Cloud release notes - 2020

Feature releases, updates, or changes to the Experience Cloud Identity Service (ECID).

Version 4.6

  • Made loadSSL flag on by default. All calls to Identity Service will be on https by default. Customers can set it to false if they want to call Identity Services on http from their non-ssl pages.
  • Updated the function used to detect Internet-Explorer (IE) version, to fix an issue reported by ESLint.
    Fix for performance issue on Internet-Explorer (IE) 11 when ECID is given optIn pre-approval and updated later.

Version 4.5

  • Beginning with version 4.5, ECID will reject any empty IDs sent to setCustomerIDs method.
  • Fixed an issue occurring when opt-in is configured as doesOptInApply=false and isIabContext=true.

See Experience Cloud release notes for monthly release notes for all products.

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