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Last update: 2023-07-17
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The names of several schema field groups have changed. See the document on field group name updates for more information.

Segment Membership Details is a standard schema field group for the XDM Individual Profile class. The field group provides a single map field which captures information regarding segment membership, including which segments the individual belongs to, the last qualification time, and when the membership is valid until.


While the segmentMembership field must be manually added to your profile schema using this field group, you should not attempt to manually populate or update this field. The system automatically updates the segmentMembership map for each profile as segmentation jobs are performed.

Property Data type Description
segmentMembership Map A map object which describes the individual’s segment memberships. The structure of this object is described in detail below.

The following is an example segmentMembership map that the system has populated for a particular profile. Segment memberships are sorted by namespace, as indicated by the root-level keys of the object. In turn, the individual keys under each namespace represent the IDs of the segments the profile is a member of. Each segment object contains several sub-fields that provide further details about the membership:

  "xdm:segmentMembership": {
    "AAM": {
      "04a81716-43d6-4e7a-a49c-f1d8b3129ba9": {
        "xdm:version": "15",
        "xdm:lastQualificationTime": "2018-04-26T15:52:25+00:00",
        "xdm:validUntil": "2019-04-26T15:52:25+00:00",
        "xdm:status": "realized",
        "xdm:payload": {
          "xdm:payloadBooleanValue": true,
          "xdm:payloadType": "boolean"
      "53cba6b2-a23b-454a-8069-fc41308f1c0f": {
        "xdm:version": "3",
        "xdm:lastQualificationTime": "2018-04-26T15:52:25+00:00",
        "xdm:validUntil": "2018-04-27T15:52:25+00:00",
        "xdm:status": "realized",
        "xdm:payload": {
          "xdm:payloadPropensityValue": 0.5,
          "xdm:payloadType": "propensity"
    "Email": {
      "": {
        "xdm:version": "1",
        "xdm:lastQualificationTime": "2017-09-26T15:52:25+00:00",
        "xdm:validUntil": "2017-12-26T15:52:25+00:00",
        "xdm:status": "exited"
Property Description
xdm:version The version of the segment that this profile qualified for.
xdm:lastQualificationTime A timestamp of the last time this profile qualified for the segment.
xdm:validUntil A timestamp of when the segment membership should no longer be assumed to be valid. For external audiences, if this field is not set, the segment membership will only be retained for 30 days from the lastQualificationTime.
xdm:status A string field that indicates whether the segment membership has been realized as part of the current request. The following values are accepted:
  • realized: The profile qualifies for the segment.
  • exited: The profile is exiting the segment as part of the current request.
xdm:payload Some segment memberships include a payload that describes additional values directly related to the membership. Only one payload of a given type can be provided for each membership. xdm:payloadType indicates the type of payload (boolean, number, propensity, or string), while its sibling property provides the value for the payload type.

Any segment membership that is in the exited status for more than 30 days, based on the lastQualificationTime, will be subject to deletion.

For more details on the field group, refer to the public XDM repository:

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