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Last update: 2023-12-15
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The names of several schema field groups have changed. See the document on field group name updates for more information.

Loyalty Details is a standard schema field group for the XDM Individual Profile class. The field group provides a single object-type field, loyalty, which captures information related to a person’s membership in a customer loyalty program.

Property Data type Description
pointsExpiration Array of objects Lists any loyalty points (or groups of loyalty points) that are going to expire, and the dates they will expire on. Each array item must be an object that contains the following two properties:
  • pointsExpirationDate: An ISO 8601 datetime of when the points will expire.
  • pointsExpiring: The point balance expiring as of the associated expiration date.
joinDate DateTime An ISO 8601 datetime of when the person joined the loyalty program.
loyaltyID Array of strings Represents the loyalty program ID(s) associated with the loyalty program member.
points Double The current balance of loyalty points or awards for the loyalty member.
pointsRedeemed Double The amount of points the loyalty member has applied towards a purchase or has otherwise redeemed.
program String The name of the loyalty program in which the person is enrolled.
status String The current status of the person’s loyalty membership, such as active, disabled, or suspended.
tier String Captures the loyalty program tier in which the person is enrolled.
upgradeDate String The date when the loyalty member was upgraded to their most recent tier level.

For more details on the field group, refer to the public XDM repository:

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