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Last update: 2023-12-15
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XDM Business Person Details is a standard schema field group for the XDM Individual Profile class that captures information about an individual person in the context of a business-to-business (B2B) enterprise.

Property Data type Description
b2b Object An object that captures the B2B-specific details about the person.
b2b.accountKey B2B Source A composite identifier for the business account related to the person.
b2b.convertedContactKey B2B Source A composite identifier for the associated contact if the lead was converted.
b2b.personKey B2B Source A composite identifier for the person or profile fragment.
b2b.accountID String A unique ID for the business account this person is associated with.
b2b.blockedCause String If the person is blocked, this property provides the reason why.
b2b.convertedContactID String The contact ID if the lead was successfully converted.
b2b.convertedDate DateTime The date of conversion if the lead was successfully converted.
b2b.isBlocked Boolean Indicates whether the person is blocked.
b2b.isConverted Boolean Indicates whether the lead is converted.
b2b.isMarketingSuspended Boolean Indicates whether marketing is suspended for the person.
b2b.marketingSuspendedCause String If marketing is suspended for the person, this property provides the reason why.
b2b.personGroupID String A group identifier for the person.
b2b.personScore Double A score generated for the person by a CRM system.
b2b.personSource String The source that the person’s information was received from.
b2b.personStatus String The current marketing or sales status of the person.
b2b.personType String The type of B2B person.
extSourceSystemAudit External Source System Audit Attributes If the business person relation comes from an external source system, this object captures audit attributes for that system.
extendedWorkDetails Object Captures additional work-related details about the person.
extendedWorkDetails.assistantDetails Object Captures the following attributes related to the person’s assistant:
extendedWorkDetails.departments Array of strings A list of department names where the person works.
extendedWorkDetails.jobTitle String The person’s job title.
extendedWorkDetails.photoUrl String A URL to a photo of the person.
extendedWorkDetails.reportsToID String An identifier for the person’s reporting manager.
faxPhone Phone number The person’s fax phone number.
homeAddress Postal address The person’s home address.
homePhone Phone number The person’s home phone number.
mobilePhone Phone number The person’s mobile phone number.
otherAddress Postal address An alternate address for the person.
otherPhone Phone number An alternate phone number for the person.
person Person An individual actor, contact, or owner.
personalEmail Email address The person’s personal email address.
workAddress Postal address The person’s work address.
workEmail Email address The person’s work email address.
workPhone Phone number The person’s work phone number.
identityMap Map A map field that contains a set of namespaced identities for the person. This field is automatically updated by the system as identity data is ingested. In order to properly utilize this field for Real-Time Customer Profile, do not attempt to manually update the field’s contents in your data operations.

See the section on identity maps in the basics of schema composition for more information on their use case.
isDeleted Boolean Indicates whether this person has been deleted in Marketo Engage.

When using the Marketo source connector, any records that are deleted in Marketo are automatically reflected in Real-Time Customer Profile. However, records relating to these profiles may still persist in the Data Lake. By setting isDeleted to true, you can use the field to filter out which records have been deleted from your sources when querying the Data Lake.
organizations Array of strings A list of organization names where the person works.

For more details on the field group, refer to the public XDM repository:

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