(Beta) Create a Mixpanel source connection in the UI


The Mixpanel source is in beta. See the sources overview for more information on using beta-labelled sources.

This tutorial provides steps for creating a Mixpanel source connection using the Adobe Experience Platform Platform user interface.

Getting started

This tutorial requires a working understanding of the following components of Experience Platform:

Gather required credentials

In order to connect Mixpanel to Platform, you must provide values for the following connection properties:

Credential Description Example
Host The Mixpanel raw data export API endpoint. See the Raw Data Export API section in the Mixpanel API reference documentation for more information. https://data.mixpanel.com
Username The service account username that corresponds with your Mixpanel account. See the Mixpanel service accounts documentation for more information. Test8.6d4ee7.mp-service-account
Password The service account password that corresponds with your Mixpanel account. dLlidiKHpCZtJhQDyN2RECKudMeTItX1
Project ID Your Mixpanel project ID. This ID is required to create a source connection. See the Mixpanel project settings documentation and the Mixpanel guide on creating and managing projects for more information. 2384945
Timezone The timezone that corresponds with your Mixpanel project. Timezone is required to create a source connection. See the Mixpanel project settings documentation for more information. Pacific Standard Time

For more information on authenticating your Mixpanel source, see the Mixpanel source overview.

Connect your Mixpanel account

In the Platform UI, select Sources from the left navigation bar to access the Sources workspace. The Catalog screen displays a variety of sources with which you can create an account.

You can select the appropriate category from the catalog on the left-hand side of your screen. Alternatively, you can find the specific source you wish to work with using the search option.

Under the Analytics category, select Mixpanel, and then select Add data.


The Connect Mixpanel account page appears. On this page, you can either use new credentials or existing credentials.

Existing account

To use an existing account, select the Mixpanel account you want to create a new dataflow with, then select Next to proceed.


New account

If you are creating a new account, select New account, and then provide a name, an optional description, and your credentials. When finished, select Connect to source and then allow some time for the new connection to establish.


Select your project ID and timezone

Once your source is authenticated, provide your project ID and timezone and then select Select.

The timezone that you designate prior to ingesting your Mixpanel data to Platform must be the same as your Mixpanel profile timezone setting. Any changes to your data’s timezone will only be applied to new events and old events will remain in the timezone that you previously designated. Mixpanel accommodates Daylight Savings Time and will adjust your ingestion timestamp appropriately. For more information on how timezones affect your data, see the Mixpanel guide on managing timezones for projects.

After a few moments, the right interface updates to a preview panel, allowing you to inspect your schema before creating a dataflow. When finished, select Next.


Next steps

By following this tutorial, you have established a connection to your Mixpanel account. You can now continue on to the next tutorial and configure a dataflow to bring analytics data into Platform.

Additional resources

The sections below provides additional resources that you can refer to when using the Mixpanel source.


The following outlines steps you can take to validate that you have successfully connected your Mixpanel source and that Mixpanel events are being ingested to Platform.

In the Platform UI, select Datasets from the left navigation bar to access the Datasets workspace. The Dataset Activity screen displays the details of executions.


Next, select the dataflow run ID of the dataflow that you want to view to see specific details about that dataflow run.


Finally, select Preview dataset to display the data that was ingested.


You can verify this data against the data on the Mixpanel > Events page. See the Mixpanel document on Events for more information.


Mixpanel schema

The table below lists the supported mappings that must be set up for Mixpanel.


See Event Export API > Download for more information on the API.

Source Type
distinct_id string
event_name string
import boolean
insert_id string
item_id string
item_name string
item_price string
mp_api_endpoint string
mp_api_timestamp_ms integer
mp_processing_time_ms integer
time integer


  • You have a maximum of 100 concurrent queries and 60 queries per hour as indicated on Export API Rate Limits.

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