Marketo Engage connector

Adobe Experience Platform allows data to be ingested from external sources while providing you with the ability to structure, label, and enhance incoming data using Platform services. You can ingest data from a variety of sources such as Adobe applications, cloud-based storage, databases, and many others.

Marketo Engage (hereinafter referred to as “Marketo”) is a complete solution for lead management and B2B marketers looking to transform customer experiences by engaging across every stage of complex buying journeys.

With the Marketo source connector, you can bring B2B data from Marketo to Platform and keep this data up to date using Platform-connected applications.

This document provides an overview of the Marketo source connector, including information about how to authenticate the connector, how to map Marketo fields to Experience Data Model (XDM), and the connector’s data latency.

Authenticate your Marketo connector

In order to connect Marketo to Platform, you must first retrieve values for your munchkinId, clientId, and clientSecret.

See the steps outlined in the Authenticate your Marketo source connector document to retrieve your credentials.

Set up Adobe Organization Mapping

Before you can establish mapping sets for Marketo, you must first set up Adobe Organization Mapping. For detailed steps on how to complete this, see the guide on setting up Adobe Organization Mapping for Marketo.

Set up B2B namespaces and schema auto-generation utility

Next, use the B2B namespace and schema auto-generation utility to set up your Platform developer console and Postman environment. This allows you to auto-populate your B2B namespaces and schemas. For detailed instructions, see the guide on setting up your B2B namespaces and schema auto-generation utility

Experience Data Model (XDM)

XDM is a publicly documented specification that provides common structures and definitions that allow you to ingest data from third-party sources for use in downstream Platform services.

Adhering to XDM standards allows data to be uniformly incorporated into the Platform ecosystem, making it easier to deliver data and gather information.

To learn more about XDM and its role in Platform, please see the XDM System overview.

Field mapping from Marketo to XDM

To establish a source connection between Marketo and Platform, the Marketo source data fields must be mapped to their appropriate target XDM fields prior to being ingested into Platform.

See the following for detailed information on the field mapping rules between Marketo datasets and Platform:

Expected latency of Marketo data on Platform

The following table outlines the expected latency for bringing Marketo data into Platform, based on the nature of ingestion and the desired destination:

Destination Expected Latency
Real-time Customer Profile < 1 minute
Data Lake < 60 minutes

Next steps and additional resources

The following documentation provides further information on creating a Marketo source connection:

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