Customer AI in Real-time Customer Data Platform

Customer AI, an embedded AI feature in Real-time Customer Data Platform, enables marketers to generate individual level scores for a specific outcome such as conversions or churn.

With the help of influential factors, Customer AI can tell you what a customer is likely to do and why. Additionally, you can benefit from Customer AI predictions and insights to personalize customer experiences by serving the most appropriate offers and messaging. Customer AI can assist with:

  • Providing high accuracy customer propensity models for stronger segmentation and targeting.
  • Understanding the influential factors and likelihood behind certain customer behaviors.
  • Providing customizable options for your company’s unique use cases and data.
  • Enhancing Real-time Customer Profile with customer propensity scores such as churn and conversion.
  • Enhancing customer profiles with influential factors for propensity scores.
  • Creating segments of customers based on influential factors and propensity scores.

Customer AI is located in the Services tab under Adobe services.

Customer AI location

Getting started with Customer AI

In order to get started with Customer AI you need to follow the data preperation tutorial and configure the input schema based on your use case. Next, you will need to configure a Customer AI instance. After configuring an instance, a model is generated where you can view your insights and scores. Using the data generated from your model, you can create segments for data driven activation.

To learn more about Customer AI, start by visiting the Customer AI overview. Additionally, the following video shows how Customer AI enriches customer profiles with AI-based propensities and empowers customer segmentation and targeting efforts.

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