Adobe Experience Platform release notes

Release date: October 14, 2020

Data Prep

Data Prep allows data engineers to map, transform, and validate data to and from Experience Data Model (XDM).

Key features

Feature Description
is_set function The is_set function allows you to check the presence of an attribute within the source data. is_set can be used in combination with is_empty to check both the presence of the attribute and the presence of the value within the attribute.
get_values function The get_values function allows you to get the values from the input map for any given key.

For more information, please read the Data Prep overview.

Real-time Customer Profile

Adobe Experience Platform enables you to drive coordinated, consistent, and relevant experiences for your customers no matter where or when they interact with your brand. With Real-time Customer Profile, you can see a holistic view of each individual customer that combines data from multiple channels, including online, offline, CRM, and third party data. Profile allows you to consolidate your disparate customer data into a unified view offering an actionable, timestamped account of every customer interaction.

Feature Description
Profile preview API additions The Profile preview API (/previewsamplestatus) now includes the ability to view a breakdown of total profile fragments across your IMS Organization, as well as to view the distribution of profile fragments across identity namespaces.
Union schema view updates In the Experience Platform UI, users can more easily find information regarding all schemas and datasets contributing to the union schema, as well as surface key attributes such as identity and relationship fields. These updates improve the ability to troubleshoot and validate that profiles are correctly configured, identities are correctly stitched, and data has been successfully ingested.

For more information on Real-time Customer Profile, including tutorials and best practices for working with Profile data, please read the Real-time Customer Profile overview.

Segmentation Service

Adobe Experience Platform Segmentation Service provides a user interface and RESTful API that allows you to build segments and generate audiences from your Real-time Customer Profile data. These segments are centrally configured and maintained on Platform, making them readily accessible by any Adobe application.

Segmentation Service defines a particular subset of profiles by describing the criteria that distinguishes a marketable group of people within your customer base. Segments can be based on record data (such as demographic information) or time series events representing customer interactions with your brand.

New features

Feature Description
Streaming segmentation limit removal The seven-day limit for the lookback period has been removed.

For more information on Segmentation Service, please see the Segmentation overview


Adobe Experience Platform can ingest data from external sources while allowing you to structure, label, and enhance that data using Platform services. You can ingest data from a variety of sources such as Adobe applications, cloud-based storage, third party software, and your CRM system.

Experience Platform provides a RESTful API and an interactive UI that lets you set up source connections for various data providers with ease. These source connections allow you to authenticate and connect to external storage systems and CRM services, set times for ingestion runs, and manage data ingestion throughput.

New features

Feature Description
SSH authentication support for SFTP You can connect your SFTP account to Platform using RSA/DSA Open SSH keys. See the SFTP overview for more information.
UX improvements You can enable your dataset for Profile during the data ingestion process. See the cloud storage dataflow workflow tutorial for more information.

To learn more about sources, see the sources overview.

Time to Value

Adobe Experience Platform fully enables Marketing Operations teams to build a 360-degree view of their customers without requiring extensive data engineering expertise. The goal is to accelerate teams and value through data velocity.

“Time to Value” cuts across personas. Data Engineers can complete tasks in an efficient and accelerated manner with data activity transparency, so that a robust, scalable real-time customer profile is available sooner. Marketers can then use the complete, robust customer profile for segmentation and activation.

Feature highlights


Upgrades usability and workflow, and provides out-of-box insights, standardization, and transparency of key fields within schema compositions. Exposes data lineage for the combination of individual data models represented as the “union schema," providing insight into the structure and ingredients to Real-time Customer Profile.

  • Schema workflow upgrade
    • Use shortcuts for the most common type of XDM schemas, with automated settings in the schema editor and schema field group recommendations based on your objectives
    • Increase workflow efficiency with multiple field group selection and preview capability
    • Provide transparency on key attributes of schema composition, including identity, relationship, and required and deprecated fields
  • Union Schema Data Lineage and Key Attributes Transparency

Data Ingestion and Collection

The auto-mapping, mapping preview, and usability upgrade bring in data from any platform or source for use in profile, downstream segmentation, and activation. The system has the efficiency and intelligence to make this process easier to use, even for people outside of IT.

  • Easier access to data sources with catalog page card and data table inline action pattern upgrade
  • Calculated field/expression for data ingestion
  • Data mapping recommendations speed the ingestion process
  • Mapping preview and validations

Profile Configuration

Marketer-friendly profile viewer with customization helps you understand the composition of a profile for use in segmentation, planning, and activation cases. The consolidated workflow hydrates the profile in a controlled and efficient fashion by providing a step-wise workflow for merge policy.

  • View each individual profile in an enhanced profile viewer that displays a dashboard with full customization, enabling grouped cross-channel data based on marketer’s business goals.
  • Edit standard and customized attributes in the Basic Information widget, according to business need.
  • Customize widgets with attributes from the real-time customer profile, using the union schema selector. The union schema is derived from the underlying data models used within profile data ingestion.


Ensures transparency of data flow and gives insight about the health of data traffic into the system from source connectors, providing more self-service and faster actionability for troubleshooting situations.

  • Monitor all flow runs and see a detailed view of each run, including completion status, run duration, list of files processed, errors, and actionable diagnostics

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