Use the self-identification survey to build your Experience Platform personal profile

Last update: 2023-08-09
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The self-identification survey is in beta. Its features and documentation are subject to change.

The self-identification survey is a short questionnaire presented in the Adobe Experience Platform UI home page. You can fill out the survey to provide information on your job functions and general objectives. This information is then used to better align in-product guides and eventually deliver content that is more relevant to your objectives.

This document provides information on how you can use the self-identification survey in the Platform UI to receive relevant content based on your goals and tasks, as well as how to reconfigure your personal profile attributes using the UI.

To learn more about Adobe Experience Platform, please read the Experience Platform overview.

Self-identification survey in the Platform UI

The self-identification survey prompt appears in the bottom right of the Platform UI home page upon signing in.

To begin the survey, select Start.

The Platform UI home page with the toast message prompting you to start the self-identification survey.

For the first survey question, select the function that best describes your work.

The available options are:

  • Administration
  • Engineering
  • Privacy & Governance
  • Marketing
  • Other

You can select more than one function from the list of options. If you select Other, you will be prompted to provide details on your objective.

To proceed, select the function(s) that best describes your current work and then select Next.

The self-identification survey with two job functions selected.

Next, select the specific objective(s) that best applies to your work.

The list of available objectives include:

  • Create and manage users
  • Assign roles, permissions, and product profiles
  • Manage license usage, sandboxes, and alerts
  • Configure the system for data ingestion
  • Model my organization’s data structure
  • Query, filter, and optimize data to generate insights
  • Configure consent and data policies
  • Data governance and privacy compliance
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Create, manage, and segment audiences
  • Set up dashboards to analyze business impact
  • Activate data to destinations for downstream targeting

When finished, select Submit.

The self-identification survey displaying a list of objectives that you can select from.

With your self-identification survey completed, select Done.

The final, confirmation step of the self-identification survey.


Objectives and recommendations (if present) will change based on the select job functions.

Update your survey responses

Update your job functions and objects using the Experience Cloud preferences menu. To access the preferences menu, select your profile icon on the top navigation and then select Preferences.

The Platform UI home page with the profile icon and the preferences buttons selected.

Next, in the General section of your profile preferences menu, select Update your job functions and objectives.

The general section of the Platform UI profile preferences page

The self-identification survey appears, allowing you to reconfigure your responses and update your profile.

The Platform UI profile preferences page displaying the self-identification survey to allow a user to update their personal profile.

Next steps

By reading this document, you have now submitted and updated information regarding your job functions and objectives in order to receive more relevant content when using the Platform UI. For more information on Platform UI, read the Experience Platform overview.

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