Supported use cases

This page lists the supported use cases for Web SDK, with links to additional information.


Use Case More Information
Single streamlined SDK
Global data collection network
Course grained consent
Collect customer consent under various standards
ECID support For information on retrieving the ECID see our documentation here and here
Collect multiple entities
Device Graph support (Public/Private) Documentation
Send data to multiple orgs on the page Documentation
Detailed error reporting and logs
Trace requests client side and server side
tag extension Web SDK extension docs
Debugging tools available Debugger extension and Griffon

Adobe Experience Platform

Use Case More Information
Send Experience events
Offer Decisioning Documentation
If dataset is enabled for profile, ability to send data to Real-time Customer Data Profile in real-time
Send data to Customer Journey Analytics in real-time
Write consent to profile Documentation
Forward data server-side in real-time to third-parties Documentation
Identity namespace support

Adobe Analytics

Use Case More Information
Analytics for Target (A4T)
No Analytics for Target (A4T) latency
Multi-suite tagging
Bot filtering
Props, eVars, and events
ListVar support for Adobe Analytics
OS and browser version
Out-of-the-box variables Automatically mapped variables
VISTA rules/processing rules
Visitor attributes support
Exit link support
Custom links/download links
State and action tracking
Event serialization for standard events
Products variable Documentation

Adobe Target

Use Case More Information
All activity types
Native and SPA Visual Experience Composer support Documentation
Form-based Composer
Support for global mbox Documentation
Custom mboxes Documentation
Analytics for Target (A4T)
Environment support
Workspace support
QA links in Adobe Target
Target based on geo/device in Adobe Target
Visitor attributes support
Profile scripts
XDM become mbox parameters
Redirect offers supported with A4T reporting Documentation
Updating the Target profile Documentation
mBox 3rd party ID
Response tokens Documentation

Adobe Audience Manager

Use Case More Information
Audience Analytics
Segment sharing to Adobe Analytics
Visitor attributes support
Partner syncs
URL destinations
Cookie destinations
Environment support
Sync Adobe Experience Platform namespaces to Audience Manager data sources
Authenticated or known IDs

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