IP address allowlist for file-based cloud storage destinations

Last update: 2024-02-02
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  • Adobe recommends that you bookmark this page and revisit it every three months to check for the latest IP addresses. Adobe does not provide notification of new IP ranges.
  • While Adobe supports data exports to SFTP servers, the recommended cloud storage locations to export data are Amazon S3 and Azure Blob.


The IP range information on this page applies to the following file-based cloud storage connectors in the destinations catalog:


The IP ranges documented on this page are not supported for the following file-based cloud storage destinations: Azure Blob, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and Data Landing Zone.


This page provides IP ranges that you can add to your allowlist, to safely export data from Experience Platform to several cloud storage destinations.

You can define network access controls through your network firewall. By specifying the appropriate IP range, you can allow traffic for the data transfer service.

Adobe recommends that you add the following IP ranges to an allowlist prior to working with cloud storage destination connections. Failing to add your region-specific IP range to your allowlist may lead to errors or non-performance when using the cloud storage destination connections.

Required for all customers


US customers


Canada customers


EMEA customers


UK customers


APAC customers


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