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The Azure Event Hubs destination in Platform is currently in beta. The documentation and the functionality are subject to change.

Azure Event Hubs is a big data streaming platform and event ingestion service. It can receive and process millions of events per second. Data sent to an event hub can be transformed and stored by using any real-time analytics provider or batching/storage adapters.

You can create a real-time outbound connection to your Azure Event Hubs storage to stream data from Adobe Experience Platform.

AWS Kinesis in the UI

Use Cases

By using streaming destinations such as Azure Event Hubs, you can easily feed high-value segmentation events and associated profile attributes into your systems of choice.

For example, a prospect downloaded a white-paper which qualifies them into a “high-propensity to convert” segment. By mapping the segment that the prospect falls in to the Azure Event Hubs destination, you would receive this event in Azure Event Hubs. There, you can employ a do-it-yourself approach and describe business logic on top of the event, as you think would work best with your enterprise IT systems.

Export type

Profile-based - you are exporting all members of a segment, together with the desired schema fields (for example: email address, phone number, last name), as chosen from the select attributes screen of the audience activation workflow.

Connect to the destination

To connect to this destination, follow the steps described in the destination configuration tutorial.

Connection parameters

While setting up this destination, you must provide the following information:

  • SAS Key Name and SAS Key: Fill in your SAS key name and key. Learn about authenticating to Azure Event Hubs with SAS keys in the Microsoft documentation.
  • Namespace: Fill in your Azure Event Hubs namespace. Learn about Azure Event Hubs namespaces in the Microsoft documentation.
  • Name: Fill in a name for the connection to Azure Event Hubs.
  • Description: Provide a description of the connection. Examples: “Premium tier customers”, “Males interested in kitesurfing”.
  • eventHubName: Provide a name for the stream to your Azure Event Hubs destination.

Activate segments to this destination

See Activate audience data to streaming profile export destinations for instructions on activating audience segments to this destination.

Profile export behavior

Experience Platform optimizes the profile export behavior to your Azure Event Hubs destination, to only export data to your destination when relevant updates to a profile have occurred following segment qualification or other significant events. Profiles are exported to your destination in the following situations:

  • The profile update was triggered by a change in segment membership for at least one of the segments mapped to the destination. For example, the profile has qualified for one of the segments mapped to the destination or has exited one of the segments mapped to the destination.
  • The profile update was triggered by a change in the identity map. For example, a profile who had already qualified for one of the segments mapped to the destination has been added a new identity in the identity map attribute.
  • The profile update was triggered by a change in attributes for at least one of the attributes mapped to the destination. For example, one of the attributes mapped to the destination in the mapping step is added to a profile.

In all the cases described above, only the profiles where relevant updates have occurred are exported to your destination. For example, if a segment mapped to the destination flow has a hundred members, and five new profiles qualify for the segment, the export to your destination is incremental and only includes the five new profiles.

Note that the all the mapped attributes are exported for a profile, no matter where the changes lie. So, in the example above all the mapped attributes for those five new profiles will be exported even if the attributes themselves haven’t changed.

Exported data

Your exported Experience Platform data lands in Azure Event Hubs in JSON format. For example, the export below contains a profile that has qualified for a certain segment and exited another segment, and it includes the profile attribute first name, last name, date of birth, and personal email address. The identities for this profile are ECID and email.

  "person": {
    "birthDate": "YYYY-MM-DD",
    "name": {
      "firstName": "John",
      "lastName": "Doe"
  "personalEmail": {
    "address": "john.doe@acme.com"
  "segmentMembership": {
    "ups": {
      "7841ba61-23c1-4bb3-a495-00d3g5fe1e93": {
        "lastQualificationTime": "2020-05-25T21:24:39Z",
        "status": "exited"
      "59bd2fkd-3c48-4b18-bf56-4f5c5e6967ae": {
        "lastQualificationTime": "2020-05-25T23:37:33Z",
        "status": "existing"
  "identityMap": {
    "ecid": [
        "id": "14575006536349286404619648085736425115"
        "id": "66478888669296734530114754794777368480"
    "email_lc_sha256": [
        "id": "655332b5fa2aea4498bf7a290cff017cb4"
        "id": "66baf76ef9de8b42df8903f00e0e3dc0b7"

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