(Beta) Amazon Kinesis connection



The Amazon Kinesis destination in Platform is currently in beta. The documentation and the functionality are subject to change.

The Kinesis Data Streams service by Amazon Web Services allows you to collect and process large streams of data records in real time.

You can create a real-time outbound connection to your Amazon Kinesis storage to stream data from Adobe Experience Platform.

Amazon Kinesis in the UI

Use cases

By using streaming destinations such as Amazon Kinesis, you can easily feed high-value segmentation events and associated profile attributes into your systems of choice.

For example, a prospect downloaded a white-paper which qualifies them into a “high-propensity to convert” segment. By mapping the segment that the prospect falls in to the Amazon Kinesis destination, you would receive this event in Amazon Kinesis. There, you can employ a do-it-yourself approach and describe business logic on top of the event, as you think would work best with your enterprise IT systems.

Export type

Profile-based - you are exporting all members of a segment, together with the desired schema fields (for example: email address, phone number, last name), as chosen from the select attributes screen of the audience activation workflow.

Required Amazon Kinesis permissions

To successfully connect and export data to your Amazon Kinesis streams, Experience Platform needs permissions for the following actions:

  • kinesis:ListStreams
  • kinesis:PutRecord
  • kinesis:PutRecords

These permissions are arranged through the Kinesis console and are checked by Platform once you configure your Kinesis destination in the Platform user interface.

The example below displays the minimum access rights required to successfully export data to a Kinesis destination.

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
            "Resource": [
Property Description
kinesis:ListStreams An action that lists your Amazon Kinesis data streams.
kinesis:PutRecord An action that writes a single data record into a Kinesis data stream.
kinesis:PutRecords An action that writes multiple data records into a Kinesis data stream in a single call.

For more information on controlling access for Kinesis data streams, read the following Kinesis document.

Connect to the destination

To connect to this destination, follow the steps described in the destination configuration tutorial.

Connection parameters

While setting up this destination, you must provide the following information:

  • Amazon Web Services access key and secret key: In Amazon Web Services, generate an access key - secret access key pair to grant Platform access to your Amazon Kinesis account. Learn more in the Amazon Web Services documentation.
  • region: Indicate which Amazon Web Services region to stream data to.
  • Name: Provide a name for your connection to Amazon Kinesis
  • Description: Provide a description for your connection to Amazon Kinesis.
  • stream: Provide the name of an existing data stream in your Amazon Kinesis account. Platform will export data to this stream.

Activate segments to this destination

See Activate audience data to streaming profile export destinations for instructions on activating audience segments to this destination.

Exported data

Your exported Experience Platform data lands in Amazon Kinesis in JSON format. For example, the event below contains the email address profile attribute of an audience that has qualified for a certain segment and exited another segment. The identities for this prospect are ECID and email.

  "person": {
    "email": "yourstruly@adobe.com"
  "segmentMembership": {
    "ups": {
      "7841ba61-23c1-4bb3-a495-00d3g5fe1e93": {
        "lastQualificationTime": "2020-05-25T21:24:39Z",
        "status": "exited"
      "59bd2fkd-3c48-4b18-bf56-4f5c5e6967ae": {
        "lastQualificationTime": "2020-05-25T23:37:33Z",
        "status": "existing"
  "identityMap": {
    "ecid": [
        "id": "14575006536349286404619648085736425115"
        "id": "66478888669296734530114754794777368480"
    "email_lc_sha256": [
        "id": "655332b5fa2aea4498bf7a290cff017cb4"
        "id": "66baf76ef9de8b42df8903f00e0e3dc0b7"

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