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Snapchat Ads are made for every business, no matter the size or industry. Become a part of Snapchatters’ everyday conversations with full-screen, digital ads that inspire action from the people that matter most to your business.


This destination connector and documentation page are created and maintained by the Snap Inc team. For any inquiries or update requests, please contact them directly at

Use cases

This destination allows marketers to import user audiences created in Experience Platform into Snapchat Ads and use them to target their ads.


To use this destination, you must have a Snapchat Ads account. Please refer to this documentation for information about how to create one:

Get Started with Snapchat Advertising


  • Snap Inc does not support multiple identities for a given audience segment. Please map only one identity when activating a segment.
  • Snap Inc does not support renaming segments. To rename a segment, you must deactivate, rename it, and then activate it.
  • It is not possible to define a retention period for an audience segment’s members. All members have lifetime retention and will be in the audienceuntil they are removed.

Supported identities

The Snap Inc destination supports the activation of identities described in the table below. Learn more about identities.

All identifiers sent to the Snap Inc destination must be hashed in SHA-256 format. To hash plain text identifiers before sending them to the destination, check the Apply transformation option when mapping target identifiers for the destination.


Unhashed identifiers will not be accepted by the Snap Inc destination and sending them could cause errors.


The Snap Inc destination does not support multiple identities. Please select only one identity.

Target Identity Description Considerations
Email Address SHA-256 hashed email address Map email addresses into the target identity field emailAddress.
Phone Number SHA-256 hashed phone number Map email addresses into the target identity field phoneNumber.
GAID SHA-256 hashed Google Advertising ID Map Google Advertising IDs into the target identity field gaid.
IDFA SHA-256 hashed Apple Advertising ID Map Apple Advertising IDs into the target identity field idfa.

Export type and frequency

Refer to the table below for information about the destination export type and frequency.

Item Type Notes
Export type Audience export You are exporting all members of an audience with the identifiers (name, phone number, or others) used in the YOURDESTINATION destination.
Export frequency Streaming Streaming destinations are “always on” API-based connections. As soon as a profile is updated in Experience Platform based on audience evaluation, the connector sends the update downstream to the destination platform. Read more about streaming destinations.

Connecting to Snap Inc


To connect to the destination, you need the View Destinations and Manage Destinations access control permissions. Read the access control overview or contact your product administrator to obtain the required permissions.

Authenticate to destination

To authenticate to the destination, follow these steps:

  1. Find the Snap Inc destination from Adobe Experience Platform’s Destination Catalog and select Set Up.
  2. Select Connect to destination. You will be redirected to the following screen:
    Auth Screen 1
  3. Enter your Snapchat credentials and select Log In.
  4. You will be shown the Snapchat data that Adobe Experience Platform will be be able to access. Select Continue to proceed with the connection process.

Auth Screen 2

After selecting continue, wait until you are redirected back to Adobe Experience Platform.

Fill in destination details

Destination Details

To configure details for the destination, fill in the required fields and select Next.

  • Name: A name by which you will recognize this destination in the future.
  • Description: A description that will help you identify this destination in the future.
  • Account ID: The Ad Account ID that is associated with the Ad Account that you will like to import your audiences to. For more information about how to find this, please refer to this documentation on the Snapchat Business Help Center.

Entering an incorrect or invalid Snapchat Ad Account ID will cause audience activation to fail. Please double check that you have entered the proper Ad Account ID.

Enable alerts

You can enable alerts to receive notifications on the status of the dataflow to your destination. Select an alert from the list to subscribe to receive notifications on the status of your dataflow. For more information on alerts, see the guide on subscribing to destinations alerts using the UI.

When you are finished providing details for your destination connection, select Next.

Activate audiences to this destination


Read Activate profiles and audiences to streaming audience export destinations for instructions on activating audiences to this destination.

Validate data export

After activating audiences to the Snap Inc destination, you will be able to see the audiences in the Snap Ads Manager’s Audiences section. To navigate to this section, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Snap Ads Manager
  2. Select Audiences from the pulldown menu in the upper left corner of the screen. You will see the audiences that you activated in Adobe Experience Platform in the Audience Library:


Please note that when an Adobe audience is first activated to Snap Inc, you will initially see it as an empty audience. This is because Adobe Experience Platform does not export member data to Snap Inc until it evaluates the audience. For more information about how audiences are evaluated in Experience Platform, please refer to the Segmentation Service overview.

Data usage and governance

All Adobe Experience Platform destinations are compliant with data usage policies when handling your data. For detailed information on how Adobe Experience Platform enforces data governance, see the Data Governance overview.

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