Adobe Experience Platform Debugger overview

The Adobe Experience Platform Debugger extension for Chrome and Firefox examines your web pages and helps you find problems with how your Adobe Experience Cloud solutions are implemented.

You can use Platform Debugger with the other Adobe activation solutions to perform the following:

  1. Use tags to insert code that activates Adobe Experience Cloud products on your pages.
  2. Use the Auditor tab in Platform Debugger to test your implementations.
  3. Use event-based and solution-specific tools in Platform Debugger to debug issues found by Auditor or to examine other information about your implementations.

While the above steps represent a common process, they are not necessarily performed in the stated order.

You can run Platform Debugger on any web page and the extension will have access to public data. To access non-public data using the extension, you must be authenticated into Experience Cloud in an open browser tab.

Use cases

You can use the information gathered by Platform Debugger to better understand how your Experience Cloud solutions are implemented. For example:

  • Tags: See which property, environment, build are deployed on a page.
  • Adobe Target: See which activities you qualify or don’t qualify for and why.
  • Adobe Analytics: See which report suites are active on the current page.

Video tutorial

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