Access permissions for dashboards

In order to grant users the ability to view, edit, and update dashboards, you must first enable permissions. In Adobe Experience Platform, access control is provided through the Adobe Admin Console. Users are linked with permissions and sandboxes through product profiles in the Admin Console.

This document provides a summary of the available permissions for dashboards, including the features they give access to and the user functions they enable. For detailed information on gaining and assigning access permissions, please begin by reading the access control overview.


In order to configure access control for Experience Platform, you must have administrator privileges for an organization that has an Experience Platform product integration. See the Adobe Help Center article on administrative roles for more information.

Available dashboard permissions

The Dashboards service provides three permissions that, when combined, provide full access to the Profiles, Segments, Destinations, and License Usage dashboards within Adobe Experience Platform. These permissions are:

Permission Description
Manage Standard Dashboards This permission is a global read and write permission. It allows you to create custom widgets and edit the widget schema through the Widget library.
View Standard Dashboards This provides read-only functionality for the Profiles, Destinations, and Segments dashboards and allows access to them through Platform’s left navigation. It also adds Dashboards to the left navigation and access to the Dashboards inventory and integrations tab.
View License Usage Dashboard This permission allows users read-only access to the license usage dashboard within the Experience Platform UI.

There are five permissions not included in the Dashboard category that are potentially required depending on your needs. The following table outlines their category locations in the Admin Console:


Both the Manage Standard Dashboards and the View Standard Dashboards permissions require a “view” or “manage” permission from the Profile Management or Destinations category in the Admin Console to activate the relevant sections within the Platform UI.

Permission Admin Console category location
View Profiles Profile Management
View Segments Profile Management
View Destinations Destinations
Manage Queries Query Service
Manage Sandboxes Sandbox Administration

Access-control matrix

The following access-control matrix provides a breakdown of which permissions are required and what function they provide regarding access to the different dashboard features. Permissions are listed across the top horizontal row and the Platform UI workspace is listed along the left column.

View Standard Dashboard OR Manage Standard Dashboard View Profiles,
View Segments,
View Destinations
Manage Queries & Manage Sandboxes View License Usage Dashboard
Destinations in the left navigation.
N/A A “View” or “Manage” permission is REQUIRED for each respective dashboard. N/A N/A
Dashboards in the left navigation. ENABLED At least one REQUIRED. N/A N/A
Dashboards Inventory
(the browse tab)
Dashboards Integrations tab
(used to install Power BI)
Power BI Install button & workflow ENABLED N/A REQUIRED N/A
Destinations dashboards.
The ability to edit widget schemas and add new attributes for widget customization
Manage-standard-dashboard REQUIRED REQUIRED (for each respective dashboard) N/A N/A
License Usage Dashboard N/A N/A N/A ENABLED

Add permissions to your product profile

Use the information provided above to add the appropriate permissions to your product profile. See the documentation for full instructions on how to add permissions through the access control UI.

For descriptions of the permissions, please refer to the available permissions section earlier in this document.


You do not have to enable all permissions for all users. Depending on your organization’s structure, you may wish to create separate product profiles for certain users and grant limited access (such as read-only). See the documentation on managing users for a product profile to learn how to assign permissions for specific users.

Once you have added the necessary access permissions, users within your organization can begin to view dashboards within the Experience Platform UI and perform other actions based on the permissions that you have assigned.

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