Dashboards overview

Adobe Experience Platform provides multiple dashboards through which you can view important information about your organization’s data, as captured during daily snapshots.

Introduction to dashboards

Dashboards provide out-of-the-box reporting on your organization’s data and are built directly into the marketer workflow within Platform. These dashboards are available without the need for additional IT support or the time and effort it would otherwise take to export and process data with additional data warehousing design and implementation.

Getting started with dashboards

To access dashboards, navigate to the appropriate section within the Platform user interface (UI). Once in the section, select the Overview tab, if it is not automatically selected, to view the dashboard.

The data in the snapshot shows the data exactly as it appears at the specific point in time when the snapshot was taken. In other words, the snapshot is not an approximation or sample of the data, and the dashboards are not updating in real time.


Any changes or updates made to the data since the snapshot was taken will not be reflected in the dashboard until the next snapshot is taken.

Available dashboards

There are multiple dashboards currently available within Experience Platform, each providing transparency into your organization’s customer data.

To learn more about these dashboards and their metrics, please select a dashboard from the list of available dashboards in the documentation navigation.

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