Using the Page Editor

AEM Site’s Page Editor is a powerful tool for creating and editing web content. The Page Editor’s tools and capabilities are accessed from the Page Editor’s UI toolbar.

The following video highlights the top features of the Page Editor.

Features of the Page editor include:

  • Drag and Drop of components and assets
  • Content Tree panel providing an index of all components on the page
  • Page information panel gives you access to additional information and quick actions for a content author
    • Open properties
    • Roll out page
    • Start workflow
    • Lock Page / Unlock page
    • Publish / Unpublish a page
    • Edit Template
    • View as Published
    • View in Admin
    • Help
  • Addition of component icons and description to the component panel
  • Direct link to edit assets in the DAM
  • Emulator for inline content editing and quicker management of components on the responsive grid
  • Page Edit Modes
    • Edit Mode
    • Layout Mode
    • Developer Mode
  • Autocomplete and keyword search for pathfinder form field
  • Workflow status bar for current page

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