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Last update: 2024-01-25
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Learn how to create site pages using page templates in Adobe Experience Manager.


For an AEM Sites content author, some of the day to day activities involve creating a page, making changes to an existing page, and publishing your changes to an external user. In this video, let me take you through the journey of how to create an AEM Sites page.

From the AEM homepage, let’s navigate to AEM Sites console and then open the WKND sample site. As a content author, we have been assigned a task to create new WKND site adventure page for river rafting. Let’s browse through the site content hierarchy to find a suitable place where we can create such a page. In this case, let’s open the WKND site adventure section to add a new page for river rafting. Click on the Create button and select the Page option. Then select the adventure page template for our page. For an organization, it is important to keep the branding and messaging the same across certain section of its sites and hence using a template makes it easy for content authors to stick to organizations branding and design, at the same time giving the flexibility to author content with a set of components and layouts pre-configured for the ease of use. A template decides the overall layout of the page, and a content author decides what content needs to be added to the layout. Click Next and then provide a title and name for our page. When creating a page, there are two key feats: title and name. The title is displayed to the user in the console and shown at top of the page content when editing. This field is required. The name is used to generate the URL for your final page. User input for this field is optional. If not specified, the name is derived from the title. Optionally, you can add additional tags or other metadata required for your page. At this stage, you have successfully created a page using a template and provided the necessary metadata. You can now notice the page listed within your AEM Sites console viewer. I hope this video helps you to create a new page within AEM Sites for your organization. -

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