AEM Sites UI and navigation

The following video provides an overview of basic handling when using the AEM author environment. It uses the Sites console as a basis.

In this video, the following capabilities or features are covered:

  • Touch Enabled UI
  • Global Navigation panel consists of :
    • Navigation - Represented by a compass

      Console Purpose
      Assets These consoles let you import and manage digital assets such as images, videos, documents and audio files. These assets can then be used by any website running on the same AEM instance
      Experience Fragments An experience fragment is a stand-alone experience that can be re-used across channels and have variations, saving the trouble of repeatedly copying and pasting experiences or parts of experiences
      Forms This console allows you to create, manage, and process your forms and documents
      Personalization This console provides a framework of tools for authoring targeted content and presenting personalized experiences
      Projects The Projects console gives you direct access to your projects . Projects are virtual dashboards. They can be used to build a team, then give that team access to resources, workflows and tasks, allowing people to work on a common goal
      Sites The Sites consoles let you create, view and manage websites running on your AEM instance. Through these consoles you can create, edit, copy, move and delete website pages, start workflows, and publish pages
    • Tools - Represented by a hammer

  • Omni Search
  • Solution Switcher
  • Help
  • Notifications
  • User properties
  • Rail Selector
  • AEM Site Console views
    • List View
    • Column View
    • Card View

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