Export Experience Fragment to Adobe Target

Learn how to export AEM Experience Fragment as Adobe Target Offers.

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Exporting Experience Fragments to Target fails


Exporting Experience Fragment to Adobe Target without the correct permissions in Adobe Admin Console, results in the following error on the AEM Author service:

![Target API UI Error](assets/error-target-offer.png)

… and the following log messages in the aemerror log:

![Target API Console Error](assets/target-console-error.png)


  1. Login to Admin Console with administrative rights for the Adobe Target Product Profile used but he AEM integration

  2. Select Products > Adobe Target > Product Profile

  3. Under Integrations tab, select the integration for your AEM as a Cloud Service environment (same name as the Adobe I/O project)

  4. Assign Editor or Approver role

    Target API Error

Adding the correct permission to your Adobe Target integration should resolve this error.

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