Extending Page Properties

Customizing the metadata fields for the Page Properties is a common requirement in any Sites implementation. This video details the most effective way to accomplish this using features of the Sling Resource Merger.

The above video shows customizing the page properties for the WKND Reference Site.

Sample WKND page properties package

You can use the provided sample WKND page properties package containing WKND and Basic tab customizations shown in above video. The SocialMedia tab customization is not provided as WKND Page component now uses V3 version of WCM Core Components and in V3 version the social sharing is deprecated.

However for learning purposes, you can point the WKND Page component to V2 version of WCM Core Components using the sling:resourceSuperType property value and overlay the Social Media tab. For more information, see Configuring your Page Properties

This sample package should be installed on local AEM SDK or AEM 6.X.X instance for learning purposes.

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