Understand Adobe Cloud Manager

Adobe Cloud Manager provides a simple, yet robust solution that allows easy management, introspect and self-service of AEM environments.

Cloud Manager Overview

This video series explores the key features of Cloud Manager’s for AEM including:

For a complete overview, please review the Cloud Manager User Guide.


Cloud Manager Programs represent sets of AEM environments supporting logical sets of business initiatives, typically corresponding to a purchased Service Level Agreement (SLA). For example, one Program may represent the AEM resources to support the global public Web sites, while another Program represents an internal Central DAM.


Cloud Manager Environments are composed of AEM Author, AEM Publish and Dispatcher instances. Different environments support roles and can be engaged using different CI/CD Pipelines (described below). Cloud Manager environments typically have one Production environment and one Stage environment.


Cloud Manager Reports provide a view into the Program’s Environments and AEM instances through a set of charts that report on and track a variety of metrics for each AEM instance.

CI/CD Production Pipeline

Use the CI/CD Pipeline in Adobe Cloud Manager video series provides a deep dive into the Production Pipeline execution, including exploration of failing and successful deployments.


Throughout these videos, the build, test and deployment times has been sped up to reduce the time of the video. A complete pipeline execution typically takes 45 minutes or more (including the mandatory 30 minute performance testing), depending on the project size, number of AEM instances and UAT processes.


The CI/CD Production Pipeline configuration defines the trigger that will initiate the pipeline, parameters controlling the production deployment and performance test parameters.

Pipeline Execution

The CI/CD Production Pipeline is used to build and deploy code through Stage to the Production environment, decreasing time to value.

CI/CD Non-production Pipelines

CI/CD Non-production pipelines are broken into two categories, Code Quality pipelines, and Deployment pipelines. Code Quality pipelines all code from a Git branch to build and be evaluated against Cloud Manager’s code quality scan. Deployment pipelines support the automated deployment of code from the Git repository to any Non-production environment, meaning any provisioned AEM environment that is not Stage or Production.


Cloud Manager provides a consolidated view into a Program’s activity, listing all CI/CD Pipeline executions, both production and non-production, allowing visibility into the past and present activity, and any activity’s details can be reviewed.

Cloud Manager also integrates at a per-user level with Adobe Experience Cloud Notifications, providing a omnipresent view into events and actions of interest.

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