Onboarding to AEM as a Cloud Service

Learn about onboarding to AEM as a Cloud Service starting from the contract phase all the way through setting up the environments using Cloud Manager.

Cloud Manager and Admin console

Onboarding high level diagram

A critical part of onboarding is to create AEM as a Cloud Service programs and provision various environments using Adobe Cloud Manager. The Admin Console is used to assign roles and provide access for users in your organization to AEM environments.

Key Activities

Hands-on exercise

Apply your knowledge by trying out what you learned with this hands-on exercise.

Prior to trying the hands-on exercise, make sure you’ve watched and understand the video above, and following materials:

Also, make sure you have completed the previous hands-on exercise:

Hands-on exercise GitHub repository
Hands-on with onboarding

Explore AEM as a Cloud Service onboarding process and how to deploy an AEM application to the AEM SDK.

Try out onboarding

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