Accessing Git

You can access and manage your Git Repository using Self-Service Git Account Management from Cloud Manager UI.

Using Self-Service Git Account Management

Use the Manage Git button available from the Cloud Manager UI, most prominently on the pipeline card.

  1. Navigate to your Program’s Overview page and to Pipelines card.

  2. You will view the Manage Git option to access and manage your Git Repository.

    Additionally, if you select the Non-Production pipeline tab, you will view the Manage Git option there too.


The Manage Git option is visible to users in the Developer or Deployment Manager role. Clicking on this button opens a dialog which allows the user to find the URL to their Cloud Manager Git Repository along with their username and password.

The important considerations to manage your Git in Cloud Manager are:

  • URL: The repository URL
  • Username: The user name
  • Password: The value shown when the Generate Password button is clicked.

A user can check out a copy of their code, and make changes in the local code repository. When ready, the user can commit their code changes back to the remote code repository in Cloud Manager.

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